Quality Education

  • Exchange Programs for the students to the USA for part of their studies.

  • Admission Assistance to Colleges & Universities in the USA.

  • Choice of American or Nigerian System of Education.

  • Adult Education in the Evening - SAT, GRE, TOEFL, WAEC, NECO, ect...

  • Team of Academically Competent, Diligent, & Dedicated Teachers.

  •   -   Crèche.
  •   -   NPK Class.
  •   -   Primary Classes
          ( Grade 1 - Grade 6 ).
  •   -   Secondary Classes
          ( Grade 7 - Grade 12 ).
Our Contacts

C/346, Maro-Militaire,
Quartier Mifongou,
08 B.P. 909, Cotonou,
Republic of Benin.
Tel. (229) 66 54 10 11,
      (229) 97 64 08 32.
E-mail: info@ncasi.net


New Covenant American School International (NCASI) started in 2002 and has been making positive impacts in the lives of many. Known for quality and excellence in education, the school has been catering for the future of the future generation - our children and wards.

We are making great strides towards achieving our vision. NCASI was established to prepare the next generation for leadership and service to the nations and humanity.

Our system is based on the American and West African systems of education and backed by more decades of experience of partner institution in the United States of America.


Our motto is "Pursuit, Wisdom & Excellence." Excellence comes as a result of real commitment to discipline, solid foundation and the necessary hard work.

Students must be challenged to bring out their best, because each one is endowed with great ability from God. Students should and must pass the examination before they take it. We believe that excellence is not a gamble but a deliberate pursuit..


We have a team of qualified, sound, and dedicated teachers who are academic experts in their field. They act as mentors for our students.